Color Correction

Color Correction

A photo consists of thousands and thousands of pixels. And each of those pixels contains little bit of your photo that you took. Most of the time when you take a photo there is a distortion of color in those pixels that can be corrected digitally in various software (I.e. Adobe Photoshop) to give that particular photo a more natural look. Sometime you may want to give your photo a more artistic look that can also achieve digitally through color correction.

Color Correction

Color correction is the single most important things that can either make or ruin your photo. Anyone, amateur photographers to professional photographers whether it’s an E-commerce photoshoot or photo posters, can be hugely benefited from color correction. Some examples of color correction:

•             Fixing exposure problems

•             Fixing white balance problems

•             Fixing hue / saturation, tone curves.

•             Repairing excessive noise from aggressive ISO settings.

•             “Developing” the image from RAW photo.

•             Setting the initial black-, white- and gamma points

Color Correction

Almost every shot needs one of these corrective actions applied to it but to have these cool sounded fix in your photo is not an easy task and it can take years to master.  And our professional photo editors can do it for you with their year long experience of color correction.

Color Correction

How much it will cost you?

For color correction less than 100 images your cost will cost 0.90 $, If you have higher than 100+ images your cost will be 0.75 $, If you become our permeant client your cost will be 0.60 $, If you need 80% quality images your cost will be 0.40 $.

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