Model Retouching

Model Retouch

The photographer likes to capture models and beauties on their frames regardless of that are for personal or commercial. These repairs and enhancements are very complex and wish to be through with very clever hands. The important goal of personal images for model photography is to underline the natural great thing about the model on the image.

Model Retouching

Basic retouching is usually needed for photos that only need light editing. Problems that are usually fixed are those visible flaws within the photos like a stray hair, uneven skin tones, pimples, and therefore the red-eye effect. the subsequent techniques are wont to make a basic model retouching service:

• Blemish, scar and pimple removal

• Stray hair removal

• Skin Smoothening

• Face/body liquefying

• Color/tone correction

• Lines/wrinkles reduction

• Teeth whitening

Model Retouching


Models cannot assure that photographers will always get the simplest shots. Their skin, for instance, is susceptible to having imperfections with all the heavy makeup. Alluring model photos are produced with the subsequent advanced retouching techniques:

• Eyes enhancement

• Dodge and burn effect

• Skin toning

• Adding digital make-up

• Airbrushed effect

• Adding contrast and sharpening

• Wrinkles/lines/spot reduction

Model Retouching

How much it will cost you?

For Photo Retouching less than 100 images your cost will be cost 1.20 $ ,If you have higher than 100+ images your cost will be 1 $, If you become our permeant client your cost will be 0.80 $,If you need 80% quality images your cost will be 0.50 $

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